No longer plays Runescape

You do realize he got laid off after he made this video so he most likely does pay his bills to the best of his abilitiy and no longer plays Runescape. Just saying that if he reads this he is just going to think you are an inconsiderate asshole. I bet you did not even watch the commercial.

You only made a total of 46k profit after the price of the vials is figured in. It took 5 minutes to sell and a few minutes to buy it all in the first place and mix unfs. So if we figure it up as 46k profit in 10 minutes, that’s only a profit of 276k/hour. That’s about 1/4th of the rs gold per hour that can be obtained by hunting Grenwalls. I’m not questioning your money making tips, but you should have used a larger buy and sell number to actually prove that this method is more effective.

It’s calculated based on time spent doing the actual herb run its self. You can plant your seeds, go do something else, and come back to do the herb. The time spent doing the actual run only takes like 10-15 minutes to do a herb run meaning in a 1 hour “time spent” sample you can do about 4-6 runs which is how it comes to 2m/hr.

Won’t it be faster making nature rune True abyss, u could easy bank in edgeville with the wildysword 1? & transmuting addy ore in rune requires 96 div, but is like 7m+ gp/ hour .but at no risk getting pk’d for your energie, Just some starting cash.

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