Mu legend Updated 14th November 2017 Patch Note Content

Additionally, thousands of players are on account of acquire their initially special titles, awarded for participating inside the CBTs and also the stress test. These marks of recognition will probably be delivered to these early pioneers currently, November 14th. Now Mu2zen shares with you The Patch Note Content. Mu2zen as a professional Buy Mu Legend zen internet site, provides safe, speedy and inexpensive Mu legend products for you.
The upkeep is now over and players can appreciate once more MU Legend.
As a part of today’s upkeep, a patch has been applied, please discover the patch notes under:
– The servers happen to be restarted
Attributes changes
– The capacity of every server has been enhanced to allow extra players to join in the very same time.
– The 500 Bound Redzen reward for playing the Anxiety Test has been distributed.
– Some tweaks have already been made to 64-bits program optimisations.
– Alterations have already been made to the login approach.
Bugs fixes
– A bug displaying an incorrect charge in the auction house has been fixed.
– A bug that made the minimap disappear on some occasions has been fixed.
Known concerns
– A bug within the Mythic Each day Quest preventing users to acquire their token has been reported and is presently being worked on by the developers. We’re organizing to release a new repair through the maintenance on 21st November.

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