Brutally Sincere Critique Of Warmane’s Outland Realm

Just before we start out, yes, I play warmane actively and the majority of you understand this as I am the “warmane shill” that gets paid to defend them here. lol. But in all seriousness, I wanted to break down how the server is for anybody enthusiastic about starting there. None of this may be false, or biased as within this assessment you will almost certainly see extra negatives than positives.

Vanilla Content/leveling
Genuinely not bad at all. Your hardest challenge is coming up using the gold to train abilities, or if you are a melee class, keeping up with weapons to in fact have the ability to solo quests. I can’t recall any quests not functioning, but then again I wasn’t paying that a lot of interest as I was just trying to get to 70 asap.
The faction imbalance complicates issues, at first it was horrible (70H/30A) but since then they’ve offered incentives which appear to have helped a whole lot. Most hordes did not bother me as I was questing so it wasn’t a massive challenge. All in all, the leveling was really doable and even somewhat enjoyable when you have some mates with you.

Hotfire garbage. Only words I can use to explain this. I rolled alliance for the instant queue’s, but 90% in the BG’s I’ve played in have already been 20 minutes of my group asking, acquiring stomped, or each. I personally prefer PVP over PVE in particular within this expansion, but on this server, I can not even bring myself to waste that a lot of time finding stomped. That is almost certainly the only server I’ve played on exactly where the PVP is so terrible that I invest more time progressing via PvE content.
Arena’s are terrific as you’d count on. You are able to almost queue up at any time and you’ll get a pop. Obviously, queue’ing at peak occasions will yield far more teams and distinctive comps to play against, whereas queue’ing at downtimes you could be playing exactly the same 2-3 teams. Either way, obtaining very active arena on a TBC server is quite cool.

Now we know Warmane is not going the pre-nerf route. Which means some products is going to be extra effective then they need to be this early, specific talents getting stronger, and so on. All this makes current content material drastically simpler than it could be if it was pre-nerf. Given that info, I can inform you from my practical experience that PVE right here isn’t all that excellent. Nonetheless, the dev’s are very fast to fix higher priority difficulties, ill list a couple from kara that I noticed:
->The book for the quest wouldn’t respawn after grabbing. (Fixed)
->Attumen would not charge occasionally, and his damage appears very Undertuned. (Charge fixed, he stills hits like a bitch)
->Shade would not use blizzard (Fixed)
->Curator despawns randomly following you get him to about 97% occasionally. (Not fixed, afaik.)
I am certain there’s some I missed, however,r it appears they truly polished plenty of the fights. To really make progressive content pre-nerf is very hard, and I’m not gonna act like which is ruining my encounter because it is not. I’m still obtaining enjoyable, still obtaining blasted with nostalgia. Warmane get’s criticized essentially the most for its lackluster pve content, but comparing it to Hellfire, they’re just barely just a little bit behind.

Effectively its no secret that there are actually loads of people playing here, of course not 15k at peak, but a good deal. Gathering professions may be extremely annoying to level, especially at peak occasions. Men and women have been saying that the node timers are bugged, but I personally just assume there’s also numerous people looking for the exact same nodes. They ought to raise the timer, or the node count all round to help combat this. When a server has as numerous players as this one particular, adjustments like that need to be produced to help everyone, and hopefully they will see that.
The economy fluctuates continuously. One particular day you’ll see a primal fire up for 50g, the subsequent they will be down to 30-35g. It’s fairly unpredictable and as you are able to expect from a server this massive, factors like gems, recipes, and primal may be grossly overpriced. This really is all from alliance viewpoint, horde could possibly be unique. Needless to say, you better be finishing all of your outland questlines that will help you fund a few of these. Whilst most items are overpriced, its fairly easy to farm gold right here.

->Large population constantly.
->Very active PVP
->Level 70 population really active. Really straightforward to hop into dungeons/bg’s at any time with any gear.

->Mediocre PVE content
->Faction imbalance (not all round, but at 70, the horde is miles ahead of the alliance in progression and PVP in general.)
->Gm’s speaking in worldwide chat. (I personally hate this, even tho it’s 5x leveling, I’d like anything else to seem as Blizzlike as you possibly can, and gm’s communicating in global seems unprofessional to me.)
->The community. The truth that I see persons saying “LF2M SLABS 2.2K GS+” makes me need to actually set a box filled with puppy’s on fire. Gearscore is an atrocious addon that seriously helped fuel the toxic community warmane has nowadays. Please, if you’re going to play right here, don’t fucking download it.
->P2W shop coming within the somewhat close to future. Play on Gummy’s/Medivh if this makes it unplayable for you personally.

Private Opinion
All in all, I am obtaining a great time right here. I am the kind of particular person who would in no way touch p2w servers (spent 1k+ hours on Lordaeron, Kronos, and Elysium) but TBC is just my favorite expansion. The top quality seriously isn’t nearly as terrible as people today here try to make it out to be, and playing right here with so many other persons tends to make for an excellent time. I get why persons hate them for forcing you to pay $10, it’s shitty. But when you can appear past that, spend 10 measly dollars, you’ll understand its worth it.
Despite the fact that this whole sub right now is Gummy shills vs Warmane shills (just me tbh) just take this evaluation for what it is. I did not lie about one thing, I acknowledged this server is far from fantastic, however, it is a Lot of enjoyable to play on. That’s why we’re all playing, ideal, Entertaining? Some individuals choose the incredibly difficult content material, which can be cool, but others never will need that challenge to possess exciting in TBC.
In case you study the whole factor, I appreciate it. Attempted to format it as greatest as I could. And regardless of whether you’re playing on gummy’s or warmane, just be glad that we have all these possibilities in comparison with just a year ago when we had close to nothing at all but 5+-year-old servers.

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