Battle For Azeroth Alpha Test!


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Here’s a rapid summary of what’s accessible in this phase of your alpha test:

Two Zones: Drustvar (Alliance) and Nazmir (Horde)

Drustvar: The harsh lands of Drustvar are ruled by Residence Waycrest, who conquered these lands right after vanquishing the ancient, evil Drust. The edifices of the Drust nevertheless stand in ruin across the land, but that is not all that remains of this accursed folks. Not too long ago, their evil leader has been awakened-and if left unchecked, his dark energy will spread throughout all of Kul Tiras.

Upon arriving in Drustvar, you can be met with a request to stop by Mayor Cyril White of Fallhaven in eastern Drustvar.

Nazmir: After the shining heart of troll civilization, Nazmir is now a swamp riddled with bleak, ruined reminders of its greatness. Its inhabitants are the vile blood trolls, dedicated for the worship in the Blood God G’huun and to a single-minded purpose: the destruction from the final functioning titan disc within the city of Zuldazar. Must the trolls shatter this seal, G’huun are going to be freed from its eons-long confinement to rule the globe.

Upon arriving in Nazmir, you might meet Princess Talanji, who will ask you to escort her as you look for indicators of blood troll activity inside the location.

Two Dungeons: Atal’Dazar and Freehold

Atal’Dazar: For millennia, the Zandalari kings have been laid to rest inside the tombs of Atal’Dazar, secluded higher atop the mountain Mugamba. These pyramids grew additional elaborate with every single passing ruler, as new rooms had been constructed to the residence the deceased’s vast wealth. Now, these after pristine halls have already been corrupted by the Prophet Zul and his trusted lieutenant, Yazma, who seek to twist the power of these ancient kings for their very own dark machinations.

Freehold: Freehold has traditionally served as a haven for pirates, scoundrels, and those that wish to reside totally free of Kul Tiran manage. Now, the Irontide Raiders have brought the city below their harsh rule and are coercing the different pirate crews beneath their banner. Even though the pirates gather, a tiny group of heroes will have to infiltrate the town and eradicate their leadership to dissolve this developing alliance of cutthroats.

You are able to access dungeons through the Dungeon Finder program (hotkey “I”). Select Random Battle for Azeroth Dungeon or specify which a single with the dungeons you’d prefer to discover, then choose Find Group.

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